Hey there! I’m Sherry Zhang. 

Jian is my husband and my best friend. He used to be our teaching assistant of social psychology class when I was a junior student in college in 2012. We’ve been in love for more than 7 years. (Lucky I’m in love with my best friend~♫)

Now we are teammates parenting little Maxina.

Here are some facts about myself:

  • Taylor Swift is my favorite singer. I know (and can sing!) almost all of her songs.
  • I love watching movies and TV series (so does Jian). My favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice (2005 Joe Wright version), The Prestige, and a lot of others :P. My favorite TV shows are Sense 8True Detective (season 1, of course. I love Matthew Mcconaughey!), Friends, and TBBT. Oh, and the masterpieces from the genius Vince Gilligan, , Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.
  • I’m obsessed about orderliness. All the time. I’m not gonna change.

I’ll add more when I have time. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Beijing Normal University. My profession is cognitive development. My research interest included spatial representation and symmetry concept development in 3- to 6-year-old children.

My publication:

  • Hu, Q., & Zhang, M. (2019). The development of symmetry concept in preschool children. Cognition189, 131–140.
  • Zhang, M., Gao, X., Li, B., Yu, S., Gong, T., Jiang, T., Hu, Q., & Chen, Y. (2016). Spatial Representation of Ordinal Information. Frontiers in Psychology7
  • Hu, Q., Zhang, M., Shao, Y., & Feng, G. (2020). Young children’s representation of geometric relationships between locations in location coding. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology189, 104703.
  • Yu, S., Li, B., Zhang, M., Gong, T., Li, X., Li, Z., Gao, X., Zhang, S., Jiang, T., & Chen, C. (2020). Automaticity in processing spatial-numerical associations: Evidence from a perceptual orientation judgment task of Arabic digits in frames. PLOS ONE15(2), e0229130.

A video showing my last 100 day pregnancy before giving birth to Max

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