Li (小狸) was born in August, 2014. He is the strongest of the three cats, and the only one that still has his teeth.

He likes staying on my lap. If not allowed immediately, he will follow me all around. At night, he sleeps between Sherry’s and my pillows. Sometimes that place is occupied by Hei, and Li will keep jumping on and off the bed to see if reloading the map will make Hei disappear. Don’t know where he gets the idea.

He does not like me standing there using computer. On that case, he will keep meowing, louder and louder, until I pay him attention. He always wins (sigh).

(Sherry: sometimes I feel like Li is the wife. Mwah-ha-ha.)

And yeah, he may be a little too fat.

Read about how he got his teeth cleaned. It’s a cute story.