Jing (晶晶) was born in 2007. He would be around 70 if he was a human. He had been a stray cat living in Beijing Normal University. Stray life was pretty hard for him. He had been chased by (or perhaps chasing) some large dogs.

Jing came to our home in Nov, 2017. Vet has taken good care of his kidney, lung, eyes, and teeth. He has visited most of the famous vets in Beijing during the last three years.

Jing got very sick in the beginning of 2019. We were already prepared of losing him. However, he recovered and 垂死病中惊坐起,谈笑风生one two more years.

Because Jing is so good-looking, many people take him as a young girl-cat. The truth is he is just a (too) beautiful grandpa. He has a lot of fans. Jing was the favorite of my mother before Max was born.

Wherever there’s meat, Jing will be there in a minute.

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