Hei (小黑) was born in June, 2014. He is our first child. He used to be a very naughty kitten.

Hei has crooked tail like Pikachu, probably got cracked by a door when he was a baby.

He once drank coffee from my cup accidentally, and had been behaving somehow oddly after that. Like this:

Hei is very persistent. He knows we feed them meat treats just before supper so he’d come an hour earlier to remind us just in case we forget to take the meat out of the fridge. When he wants to get some room on our bed taken by Sherry or me, he can put his head against our body tightly with a steadily growing strength till we give up.

Unlike Li & Jing, Hei is not afraid of Max and can stay very close to her. We are hoping that someday Hei may share some burden taking care of Max.

Hei tends to stay around something black. May be kind of cryptic coloring?