Alex Jian Zheng

Hello, I am Alex Jian Zheng. Welcome to my personal site!

My Chinese name is 郑健 (Zheng Jian). If you find it difficult to pronounce, just call me Alex.

I am a father. I proudly present my family (I have 5 other family members. CLICK and take a look!).

I majored in social psychology and received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Beijing Normal University. Now I conduct research in psychology and HCI (human – cat computer interaction).

I will join the College of Information Studies in University of Maryland as a PhD student in fall, 2020.

I used to play a lot video games before Max was born. I quite enjoy my time in Skyrim, Novigrad, and Los Santos. A man is old when he stops playing games. Later I might add some content about games.

I am Alex. Maybe not so young, but still as simple and naive.